Cynthia Breusch

Cynthia Breusch was born and raised in Brisbane and is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art. Cynthia  has held over 35 solo exhibitions around Australia and participated in numerous group and ‘by invitation’ exhibitions in Australia, in Tokyo, and California. Her first international solo exhibition was in California in 2004; a painting from […]

Kathrin Longhurst

Contemporary figurative artist Kathrin Longhurst was born in communist East Germany. A classically trained figurative painter, Kathrin Longhurst began attending life drawing classes at the age of fourteen. When Kathrin was just fifteen, her family escaped from ‘behind the iron curtain’, relocating to Sweden. This jarring transition from a totalitarian regime to a democracy sparked […]

Christopher McVinish

Contemporary realist painter Christopher McVinish is a master of light. It is essentially this element of his work, which invites us to see the commonplace as special and suffused with potential. While McVinish’s urban landscapes tell intriguingly oblique narratives revealing contemporary life as a kind of half-remembered dream, his still life paintings convey a reverence […]

Peter Watts

Peter Watts is an award-winning landscape artist. A finalist in the 2021 and 2022 Glover Prize, he captures fleeting moments of light and shade in the dramatic skies across Central Victoria and South Eastern Australia. In 2022 Peter won the “People’s Choice” award in the Glover Prize in Tasmania and “Best in Show” at the […]

Goompi Ugerabah

Goompi has traced his Aboriginal lineage as far back as possible to Pialba in Queensland. Upon European contact and settlement, his 2 female ancestors who were coincidentally gathered from the same region and placed on the Pialba mission. Knowledge of the specific tribes both women came from in that area is not yet verified. Both […]

Richard Dunlop

Richard Dunlop has had a distinguished professional practice for almost four decades, and according to Curator Eric Nash has been instrumental for that duration for the resurgence of interest in, and making a highly original contribution to painting in Australia. Richard’s work is in the collections of several universities (QUT, UCQ, UTAS, Griffith), many regional […]

Mel Brigg

Mel Brigg is self-taught artist born in South Africa who started painting full time in 1970. Mel Brigg has built an impressive career in his art practice over the past 30 years. Mel Brigg’s art resonates with a cross-section of art buyers and is collected around the world by significant corporate, private and government institutions […]

Dean Home

With a career that spans almost 30 years Dean Home has created a distinct style that communicates his journey as an artist. Having held numerous solo exhibitions throughout Australia, Home is represented in state, regional and private collections both in Australia and abroad. With bold and opulent work that makes a statement as it interweaves […]

David Bromley

“I spent until recently, nearly two years making art in a partly outside studio. Having been in a semi tropical, natural environment I find painting butterflies even more important. Fortunately, when I am in the studio, my mind and my brush travels through my imagination and I am in a place my dreams take me! […]

Martine Emdur

Born 1966. Lives and works in Sydney SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2018 Martine Emdur, Manly Regional Gallery, Sydney (survey exhibition) 2017 New Works, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne 2016 New Paintings, Olsen Irwin, Sydney 2015 New Paintings, Olsen Irwin, Sydney 2014 New Paintings, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne 2013 New Works, Olsen Irwin, Sydney 2012 New Paintings, Scott Livesey […]