Kathrin Longhurst is a Finalist in the 2022 Archibald Prize

Gallery One represented artist Kathrin Longhurst is a finalist for another year in the prestigious Archibald Prize 2022. The evening was filled with celebration and fashion amongst talented artists. Gallery One’s manager Karen spooner was thrilled to attend the festivities. Well done Kathrin! We look forward to her next exhibition at Gallery One on the Gold Coast this December.

Kathrin Longhurst was introduced to her subject, Midori Goto, by an artist friend when she was looking for a model with a strong, fierce character for her latest body of work, Mind-Field, which explores how gendered language and stereotypes inform our view of women. 

‘It wasn’t until we started working together, however, that I realised how much the stories I was trying to tell mirrored Midori’s own. In her, I’d found a passionate young woman with bold opinions, who, due to her cultural heritage, appearance and outspoken behaviour, had often been told she was “difficult” or had “too much attitude”,’ says Longhurst, a four-time Archibald finalist. 

‘As a teenager, these labels led Midori to question her sexuality and gender. She was neither soft nor subservient, and therefore did not present as a traditional feminine archetype. She often felt society dictating that she suppress her strong-minded, rebellious nature. 

‘Midori began her career in childcare – a profession dominated by women – but eventually moved on to working within the arts community. As an advocate for artists and a studio manager, she has finally found her voice and is accepted for the woman she is.’

Kathrin Longhurst
Oil on linen 

Kathrin Longhurst and her Archibald prize finalist painting for 2022
Kathrin and Midori