David Mackay Harrison

Born in Lismore, New South Wales, and based at his Ballina Gallery, David Mackay Harrison is a formidable sculptor of the human body. His languid nudes possess a freedom of form that contributes to their appeal. His Reclining Lady with the heavy hair draped over her shoulders and falling onto the floor could almost rise up and walk towards you. Within the solidness of the bronze medium, David has created a unique sense of movement. The pointed finger of a ballet dancer resting between her steps, the lazy stretch of the young girl awakening or the posing preminando poised on a plinth appear not only life-like, but alive. It is in the subleties of movement that David displays his brilliance as a sculptor.

Resume | Artist Statement
Bernadette by David Mackay HarrisonBernadette
25 x 50 cm
Torso by David Mackay HarrisonTorso
50 x 30 cm
Vertus by David Mackay HarrisonVertus
50 x 60 cm
Large Rhino by David Mackay HarrisonLarge Rhino
40 x 60 cm
Zophia by David Mackay HarrisonZophia
46 x 6 cm
Nadine by David Mackay HarrisonNadine
45 x 30 cm
Tahlia by David Mackay HarrisonTahlia
52 x 30 cm
The Embrace by David Mackay HarrisonThe Embrace
45 x 45 cm