Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson distinctive contemporary paintings of the Australian, Italian and
Spanish landscape imagery are iconic. Johnson has exhibited his works throughout almost all major international cities and has been included in art collections worldwide including The National Museum of Damascus, Syria, Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia and the Presidential Palace in Israel to name just a few.

With an art career that spans over 40 years, his works articulates his holistic approach to life; an emotive depiction of his travels and his commitment to humanitarian projects, fund raising for charities and community services.

In this exhibition titled “EURALIA” the works represent a fusion of recent encounters ‘visited and revisited’ during the last 18 months.

His unique style transcends via the mood and atmospheric imagery, paying particular importance to ephemeral and chance encounters whilst researching often more isolated subjects, being carefully selected and paying homage to life and love.

His technical prowess affords him the title of being one of Australia’s most popular painters today.

"Ken Johnson has bent the meaning of depth with his approach to the landscape and human imagery using lines and insets. These are geometric metaphors and conceptual scansions of distance that evolve into a visionary representation."

Prof. Zeno Birolli

Resume | Artist Statement
London Bridge by Ken JohnsonLondon Bridge
Acrylic On Linen
81 x 213 cm
Ocean Circle by Ken JohnsonOcean Circle
Acrylic On Linen
80 x 200 cm
Wishing well by Ken JohnsonWishing well
Acrylic On Linen
81 x 230 cm
Euclidean symposium 2 by Ken JohnsonEuclidean symposium 2
Acrylic On Linen
77 x 153 cm
Isla de Tabacus by Ken JohnsonIsla de Tabacus
Acrylic on Canvas
90 x 160 cm
Amarillo by Ken JohnsonAmarillo
Acrylic on Canvas
81 x 198 cm
Ocean Bath Symposium V by Ken JohnsonOcean Bath Symposium V
Acrylic on Canvas
137 x 305 cm
Esperanza by Ken JohnsonEsperanza
Acrylic on Canvas
152 x 122 cm
Mural Barco (Deenina) by Ken JohnsonMural Barco (Deenina)
Acrylic on Canvas
91.5 x 198.5 cm
Surrounds Revisit by Ken JohnsonSurrounds Revisit
Acrylic on Canvas
120 x 120 cm
Promontorii Symposium (Art & Nature) by Ken JohnsonPromontorii Symposium (Art & Nature)
Acrylic On Linen
92 x 183 cm
Albatross by Ken JohnsonAlbatross
Acrylic On Linen
107 x 107 cm