Cynthia Breusch: Alternative Law Journal – Cover Art

Cynthia’s work has recently been published as the cover artwork for the ‘Alternative Law Journal’ vol 46, which speaks of the law in flux.

What will you do when the waters rise?
2020 by Cynthia Breusch
Acrylic on canvas
91 cm x 122 cm
Courtesy of the artist
Cover image © Cynthia Breusch

“With a dreamlike vividness against the palest of skies bathed in ethereal light, the two elegantly dressed girls clasp hands and delicately point their toes as if to test the water. There’s a natural grace and innocence to the duo that counterpoints the words at water’ s edge; what will they  do, and what will we all  do when the waters rise?” –  Deb Candy.

 Breusch explains, ‘ I’ ve taken the sisters from her portrait “ Dorothea and Francesca”  (1898), just as Beaux portrayed them choreographing their own steps, and placed them in a universal landscape using them as a symbol of “ all that we hold dear”  which is now threatened by the climate change emergency.’