Craig Ruddy

Archibald prize winner Craig Ruddy has returned to ignite our conscious minds with his latest series of empowering portraiture.In this new series entitled "Awakening Spirit”, the artist continues his tribute to the Traditional Custodians of the land. The Recognition of Australian Indigenous People and Culture is a continued theme explored by Ruddy and has permeated the narrative of his past work and exhibitions.

In “Awakening Spirit” Ruddy acknowledges the Indigenous Australians that continue to remain invisible. These new portraits depict the faces of the nameless, the unknown, the survivors.These works aim to represent the voices that have gone unheard as well as those still present that are continuing to fight for their human rights. It is a work of recognition as to the resilience of a people, who maintain their cultural connection & sovereign responsibility to look after country, despite the great challenge of upholding their heritage in the face of continued colonisation and industrialisation.

Resume | Artist Statement
Awakening spirit by Craig RuddyAwakening spirit
Mixed Media on Board
60 x 120 cm
Fractured existence by Craig RuddyFractured existence
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
124 x 85 cm
Warrior by Craig RuddyWarrior
Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas
101 x 198 cm
Jimena by Craig RuddyJimena
Charcoal on Ragpaper
141 x 108 cm
Maria Jose by Craig RuddyMaria Jose
Charcoal on Ragpaper
141 x 108 cm
Santiago by Craig RuddySantiago
Charcoal on Ragpaper
146.5 x 112 cm
Torero by Craig RuddyTorero
Charcoal on Ragpaper
146.5 x 112 cm
Mauro by Craig RuddyMauro
Mixed Media on Fabriano Cotton Rag Paper
182 x 133 cm
Broken Butterfly II by Craig RuddyBroken Butterfly II
Mixed media & resin on canvas
42 x 36 cm
Imago by Craig RuddyImago
Acrylic & Ink on Glass
124 x 164 cm