Craig Parnaby

Under the sun

December 12 – December 24, 2015

My paintings depict the human figure, engaged in leisure activities, usually in a beach context. A group of figures caught somewhere between a candid and contrived moment, or a panoramic depiction of beach activity, makes for the majority of my subject matter.

I want my work to be as accessible as possible, for the audience to feel okay about leaving the cerebral behind and simply experiencing the images for what they are.

My figures are stylised. Their treatment is the result of a long and ongoing experiment. Torsos are stretched and necks are elongated, enhancing their beauty and injecting a quiet humour into the work. Physical differences between figures are diminished and they are often left faceless, eliminating any overt sense of personality.

The costal landscape is used in a minimal way, usually placed at the edge of the painting, allowing for the drama of the figures to dominate the scene.