Min Woo Bang

Sky Memoir II

October 16 – October 30, 2015

Min-Woo Bang captures beautiful sublime fleeting landscapes that are presented to us as paintings with exceptional skill. Paintings that capture both the subtlety of the Australian landscape as well as its brutality. Min-Woo's images pay homage to both Eastern and Western art history and his rich luscious surfaces, along with his ability to portray captured moments in time, allow the viewer an emotional connectedness with his images. Numerous layers of paint, like the layering of time, build surfaces that give land and clouds form and meaning. He has the great ability to make the intangible tangible and his paintings are a representation of meditations on landscape, a refined personal response. (by Dr. David Middlebrook-artist)

Roaring up
Min-Woo Bang
Oil on Linen
92 x 102cm

$8,800.00 $7,400.00