Kathrin Longhurst

Fighters & Dreamers

October 4 – October 31, 2019

Gallery One is proud to present a new collection of works from the award-winning figurative artist Kathrin Longhurst "Fighters and Dreamers" brings together the artist's oeurve of glamorous women in military attire and brave young people. These large canvases (180cm x 180cm) recall the highly optimistic propaganda art of socialist realism, a genre that dominated the art scene in Kathrin's childhood growing up in East Germany. When she was just fifteen, her family escaped from behind the iron curtain relocating to Sweden. The striking transition from living under the totalitarian regime to a democracy has given Kathrin a unique insight to explore concepts of freedom of speech, sexism, and power. Kathrin's first solo exhibition with Gallery One "Ode to Femmé" 2018 explored these dichotomies of east/west in a series of portraits celebrating the power of womanhood and challenging the traditional male-hero archetypes found in propaganda war posters. With an edgy verve, Longhurst continues this conceptual thread and more in this collection of portraits.