Kate Bergin

Meet Kate Bergin for the release of her new Fine Art Limited Edition Prints & Memory Games

November 30 – December 7, 2018

Kate Bergin’s artistic influences are vast and varied ranging from 17th century
Dutch and Spanish still life painting to Australia’s John Brack all having a profound impact on her work. Much like Brack's depiction of inanimate objects, such as knives, forks and pencils, to reflect contemporary human themes, Bergin's paintings are strongly grounded in the here and now. Interlocking ideas from current affairs, history, poetry and music, her tabletop variations represent a journey, a hunt perhaps for meaning, through the squawking and rummaging and all distraction of our daily existence.
Kate Bergin's works revel in the unusual, the precarious and the unexpected. Far from 'still', these are paintings that quiver with movement, laughter and life - in all its variations.

Vanity Fair – SOLD OUT
Kate Bergin
Framed Limited Edition of 10 Fine Art Print, Signed and numbered by artist
120 x 130cm