Goompi Ugerabah – From the Desert to the Sea

August 7 – August 31, 2020

Goompi is a proud tribal man dedicated to presenting his culture in various art forms such as dance, song, language and visual expression. Laying his culture out on canvas is as much a spiritual practice as it is a creative expression of storytelling. Goompi explains.
'"My collection is inspired by my life as Goompi, a name that means possum. I live on Kombemerri land and I have had a strong connection with culture since I was young. This is also the home where my family has grown up—an important part of my dreaming on this land. Culture was passed down and taught to us by elders and it is this personal connection and reverence to land and family that I want to bring to each painting in this exhibition.”
The main exhibition pieces 'Goompi Dreaming' and 'Body Painting' use a minimal and neutral acrylic colour scheme that allows Goompi to convey his dreaming in an arrangement of intricate, dotted shapes and line work.
In 'Goompi Dreaming' these elements symbolise his family, his ancestors, his land, the possum (his spiritual animal) and the temporal qualities of time for a culture that has existed for over 70,000 years.

Goompi’s artwork is held in collections around the world including the CIA in Langley, Virginia, US and in the private royal collection of Princess Benedikte of Denmark. He is also collected by notable Queensland businesses such as Iconic at Kirra Beach, Zarraffa’s Coffee head office and John Deere Australia, Crestmead. 'Goompi Dreaming' is Goompi's third solo exhibition with Gallery One. Goompi's previous exhibitions at Gallery One, Yarga ya Gwong (wind & rain) 2018 and Biren Bureibun (saltwater dream) 2017, were both sell-out exhibitions.

Bora Rings
Goompi Ugerabah
Acrylic on Canvas
153 x 185cm