Dean Home

Blue skies, red berries, pure water

November 18 – December 6, 2016

Dean Home is arguably becoming one of Australia’s most sought after artists. This is not surprising given the calibre of, and the pleasing themes, that are characteristic of his work. Home has created a luscious body of work here that makes manifest his creative obsession with the exotic and the oriental. The velvety richness of these paintings immediately invites comparisons to the masters of 17th century still life. Home’s work compares extremely favourably. Each painting shimmers with a jewel like palette, revealing the virtuosity and exquisite attention to detail that was revered by the 17th century audiences and still compels art aficionados four hundred years later.

The works on display in this exhibition draw inspiration in large part from the artists own collection of 19th century domestic Chinoiserie as well as a single prized bowl from the Kang xi period (1662 – 1722) , which is also in the artists possession. Beneath Home’s sumptuous and refined paintings there also lies a scholarly impetus that at first glance is almost camouflaged by the glistening pomegranates , luminous magnolias and decorative calligraphy brushes that often dominate the fore ground of his paintings. One feels there is nothing arbitrary in these works. Each beautifully composed work is in fact a distillation of history, myths and symbols found in traditional Chinese painting. by Dr Leigh Summers